Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Josh!!! and a weekend recap

My other half turned 35 today! I threw him a surprise party on Friday night at the little redneck bar that he plays poker at!
And he totally had no idea! Winning.
I went with a john deere, redneck theme. Here are some of the pics!! 

When he walked in I had everyone wearing these teeth!!

I seriously don't care how attractive you are, these teeth make everyone look awful! aka corn teeth

 I will post the presents after he opens them, because as you know he is an avid reader of the blog!

So Happy Birthday Josh!!! I love you!



  1. Happy birthday Josh!!! Those teeth are HILARIOUS! What a sight!

  2. Good job for pulling off a surprise. Those teeth are so gross. Love the theme though. Too funny!!

  3. Love the teeth and the cupcakes redneck touches! You did a great job girl!

  4. Hahaha LOVE the redneck themed surprise party!! I hope he (and you) had a blast!!

  5. Happy birthday! Love the cupcakes! And the teeth! Maybe... ;)

  6. Happy Birthday Josh!!! Looks like a great time! =)

  7. Haha!!! Those teeth are awesome :-) hope the hubs had a great birthday!!

  8. Those cupcakes are so cute!!

  9. Looks like such a fun party! The cupcakes and fake teeth are great. :)

  10. This theme is a really great idea!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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