Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday shenanigans

Some pics from the hubs Birthday last week!

Starting in the upper left....
1. carrot cake mix
2. ipad case and cadbury eggs
3.   Bad ass wrap job with some vintage paper and bakers twine
4. Bacon soap, bacon floss, bacon toothpics and bacon salt
(the man loves his bacon)
5. T-bone Steak with eggs from Long Horn
6. What I took with me to them movies, juice box o' wine
7. Fishing lure picture holder thingy for man town
8. The hubs and a welcome sign for man town
9. Get Reel, Life is Good hat.
10. Out house coat hooks for man town
11. Identity Theif was HILARIOUS
12. Irish Vintage flask
13. Some whack hanging bat he was eyeing at Tj's so I had to buy it...

And this is what my Sunday looked like!!!
        Just include Argo, The Watchmen,Taken 2, some beers, 1 sausage and egg casserole and more effing SNOW!!!

Over and out Bishes!


  1. What a pretty view!!

    Those dogs are so cute.

  2. wine juice boxes are the best! new follower through the link up!

  3. I've heard the Bota Boxes are yummy, I need to try them!

  4. Lovely photos, the food looks yum xx

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :)

  5. 1.) our husbands would be best-friends with their bacon addiction
    2.) is that a dane?!

  6. Umm... what is on your fingers?! haha I still need to see Identity Theif. Hell, I still need to see Flight. I'm SO behind on my movies.

  7. Bacon soap?? I'm very intrigued...

    Every time they do that to my nails at the nail salon, I freak out a little.


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