Monday, November 5, 2012

Shoes, booze and Kiki La Rue

Ooooooooh First weekend of November came and went! *PHOTO OVERLOAD POST
  Friday was The BEST mail day Ever!!! Every year, I always want to get dressed up for NYE and then end up having no place fancy to go. I ordered my fancy pants dress early this year in hopes that I will make a definitive plan for New Years. Sooo, the gold dress from Kiki la Rue came in and ...
I know right! It's friggin gorg!!! That being said my Friday only got better. Date night plus one. My sister's husband works for the electric company as a Lineman and he has been sent to Connecticut to help them with their power outages from that betch Sandy, in turn we adopted her for the night. 

I apologize for the poor quality here.


Due to Friday night's lengthy after dinner activities, Saturday was a very low key day. It was however, a perfect fall day for a fire, a few beers and some fishing.
bonus to Kiki La Rue...........pfst the koozie

Since the hubs is still out of work due to his bulging discs and the Patriots had a by week, Sunday WE went shopping. I swear to you that my husband is not a homosexual. Yes he has been my hair stylist numerous times, he cooks, cleans, and dressed up as a pregnant woman for Halloween, but he is very Manly and I think he is the Jack of all trades. With this being said, we went to TJ mAxx, The Christmas Tree Shoppe, LL Bean Outlet, JC Penny, Famous footwear,  Ocean State Job lot and two cutesty little country stores in my neck of the hood. 

What did we buy? 
for all you "it's a little early for that" people, ignore this photo and the next 2.

 Tj Maxx Score

 Christmas Tree Shoppe
 This picture is a HUGE deal. I had $20 in DSW rewards and I let the hubs use it. I think giving a kidney away would have been easier for me.

 Moose courduroy wallet for 4.99 from LL. Don't mind if I do.

I saw this little mug on instagram and I looooooooooved it. Online it was $20.00
My cost.........$4.99

Car pic

Wrap up. Lets talk about day light savings time. I loved the fact that I could sleep until 10 but it was really 9 and I didn't waste the morning. I hated the fact that 7:30pm felt like 11:30pm. My appetite was also unsatisfiable. I'm thinking that may have to do with hibernation.
Way to eff with me Old Man Winter. Good times....



  1. I'm one of those "it's too early" people but those are cute finds so I'm all for it! That pillow looks extra comfy!

  2. Your NYE dress is GORG! You better find somewhere fun to show off that little number! Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  3. I LOVEEEEE You gold dress its FAB-U-LOOUSSS! My dad is just like ur hubby. He cooks cleans and is the decorator of the house! Only if i could train my hubby into doing the same! lol You got some great buys this weekend!

  4. That dress is gorgeous!! I’ve eyed it a few times, just don’t know where I would wear it to. But it’s going to look amazing on you!! Oh my gosh, I love that Yuletide bucket!!! And the Moose corduroy? I die! Too cute.

  5. I love the dress! I keep telling myself I will do the same and order a fancy dress to be sure I make plans to wear it!

  6. Cute new stuff... I'm jealous, I need a shopping trip!

  7. that dress is beautiful!!!
    I love sparkly dresses.

    totally diggin that pillow and coffee cup.

  8. Ohhh, I want that dress (but have no where to wear it to) and that cute owl mug (and I don't drink coffee...tea and hot chocolate, ;)

  9. i want that mug! and your hat from the car pic and that dress is the stuff dreams are made of!

    Fun little weekend, i'd say!


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