Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend recap and a few house pics!

I know it's Monday and nobody wants to go to work today!!! So call out!

My 5 day vacation started last Wednesday and it was NEEED-ED. First off let me show you what I came home to! 

My giveaway from Taylor over at Goings on in Texas arrived. Seriously, 4 Essie polishes and hound stooth scarf and a $15 dollar gift card to Starbs. This girl is giving!!! She has giveaways all of the time on her blog and others, so go check her out NOW.

I actually feel like it's harder to go back to work after Thanksgiving than after Christmas. I don't know what hell is up with that. 
My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year and she did a fabulous job! 

And let's just talk about the edible and delicious home made pumpkin pie and turkey that I made. All. by. myself. I'm and no longer a turkey virgin.

I stuffed that bird so hard.

Since I'm the new Martha Stewart and our upstairs in almost done, I've been painting like a mofo. As I am typing this my hands are still covered in paint from yesterday. Sneak peak of one of the bedrooms upstairs..........(the walls are nakey so bare with me)

 This dresser was my brothers. His father recently gave it to me for sentimental purposes. It is maple and it had a shiny finish. After beating the shit out of it distressing it, painting it and staining it, this is the finished product. 
I'm in love!

This will be my moms room. NO, she doesn't live with  me. But occasionally on the weekends we have a girls night and stay up all night drinking wine sewing, she lives close enough away to just crash here. 
There are 2 more bedrooms upstairs and a bath, once those are done I will gladly share pics!!

  And just because I'm not tweeting about wine lately, doesn't mean I'm not drinking it. This was my little beverage station yesterday while painting the ceiling in the office.

 And if you don't follow me on instagram, you should! Because you missed this little set up yesterday.

 "Sssshhh, don't tell the bitch, but it's Christmas season"

Happy Monday Betches!!!


  1. Is that a wine box on a tool box? Be still my DIY heart. Love that! XO

  2. Yay for swag! Love your drink station! How convenient that it's a perfect fit. Made to be? I think so. The room looks really calm and tranquil. I'm sure your mom will love it.

  3. Your turkey looks DELICIOUS! Love the boxed wine while you worked away ;-) Everything looks awesome!

  4. I love the paint color in that room! And every tool box should come with a drink station

  5. That turkey looks yummy! I love the floors in your house, very pretty. And of course you look gorgeous in that pic with your mama. Glad you had a good holiday weekend! I'm jealous of your giveaway goodies from Taylor - love that girl!

  6. I'm still laughing about the birds.
    Still. Laughing.

  7. Stopping by from Weekend Update...that turkey looks delicious. Nice job on the dresser! It looks awesome. And the box of wine while painting...awesome!

  8. Hahhahah I can't think of a more perfect painting accessory than wine. Get it girl!

  9. You really scored with your giveaway winnings! And I love your looks great :)

  10. Thanks for showing off your winnings!! :) And for the lovely shout-out! :) You are AWESOME! Can I get you to beat the tar out of a piece of furniture for me??? ;)

  11. Sounds like you had an awesome Holiday Weekend!!! And...
    1. That turkey looks delicious!!!
    2. You're Mom is adorable.
    3. I love what you did with that dresser &
    4. "Painting like a mofo" Hahaha!!!

    Love it!!!!

  12. LMAO! You are effing hilarious. "I stuffed that bird so hard" seriously made me LOL. So sad we don't live closer. I would have helped you paint that ceiling in exchange for wine!


  13. Hahahaha I almost spit my coffee everywhere when I read that you "stuffed that turkey so hard" hahaha. You're my blog idol.


  14. i seriously can't decide what i love the most in this post....yes i can....THE PUMPKIN PIE WAS EDIBLE! see girl? i knew you could do it! the crust might have lopped off int he oven and gotten all weird, but that's a work in progress....the only thing that matters is that it tasted delish! i am so happy! and proud of your turkey too....

    i am dying over your win box painting set up. i'm pretty sure we were seperated at birth...

    and wine night slumber parties with your mama? there is NOTHING better...

  15. a) you mentioned wine so much in this post that it's automatically my favorite B) your floors rock my socks off and C) i need you to redo my house.

    That is all for now.


  16. Seems like you had a great weekend girl!! These pics are too cute.

  17. Distressing furniture and cooking a turkey? You really ARE Martha Stewart!

  18. Love all of the pics! Turkey and distressing- Martha has nothing on you! xx


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