Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend recap!

I'm finally doing a weekend re-cap link up! This girl is getting fancy. I'm linking up with Sami's Shenanigans and her peeps. Feel free to join and check out her blog. She seriously has a great sense of fashion and more leopard print stuff than any girl could dream of having.

Hubs and I had date night. We joined my sister and her hubs for dinner at a great seafood restaurant down the cape.

I got these wedges at TJ Maxx and they are ridiculously comfortable and cute!!!

I fell in love with these on someone's instagram and just had to have em

They are Derng Chain bracelets $17. They have a ton of different options and colors and it is a must have for fall and winter. I love chunky stuff.
After dinner we met up with two of our other friends for cocktails. Possibly too many cocktails.
Once the Stevie B station is on the Pandora and blaring through out the sexy car, you know it's been a good night.
 Once we got home, I did some Halloween costume make up for Josh. I have begged him for permission to share the photos. He has forbid me.

Saturday my sister and I decorated for Halloween. We have an annual costume party every year.
This is just a quarter of the stuff that we have.
Over the next week, I will be posting the finished product with pics through out the house. I'm also making this delicious shit for the party.

The Jacksmith

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Apple Pie Liqueur, Fresh Apple Cider and a 
splash of Cranberry juice.

Sunday was one of my best friends birthdays. How lucky is she to have the Patriots play on her birthday, and win?! I think she got pretty lucky with her gifts too!
 Franco Sarto booties that she just loved at TJ MaXX but couldn't bring her self to buy. Surprise, I did :) This girl has some serious self control. I'm such a binge shopper.
 Crunk cup for her to drink out of all day at the bar
This shirt is from Kelly over at Keeping up with Kelly & co. She has the cutest Etsy store called Cedar Street Creatives. Her stuff is amazeballs. She makes the cutest coffee cup huggers too!!! I bought this shirt for myself and I have received a gazillion compliments on it and numerous ones from by bff, so I knew that I had to get her this!!! 

After a few games of BIG BUCK HUNTER in HD and watching half of the Patriots game we headed home. With the radio on in the car of course! 

I'm so pissed at myself for falling asleep on Revenge last night. What the hell?

Happy Week Bliends :) 


  1. i really like that tee! i'll have to check out her etsy store
    and tj maxx is such a dangerous place! i love it, but i have to learn to stay away! cute wedges!

    found your blog via the weekend update! glad to be follower now :)

  2. i want those chunky link bracelets the MOST! sounds like we had a couple' of good weekends btwixt the 2 of us! :) Can't wait to make your cider sangeria tonight for my book club gals, I will tell you all about how much i loved it tomorrow ;)

  3. Hey girl hey! Thanks for linking up and for the shoutout ;) I don't really own too much leoopard print do I? I mean it is considered a neutral these days haha. Love those Derng bracelets, they are my fave! Also, what a fab bday present. You are such a sweet friend to get those shoes for her! Excited to see how your party turns out!

  4. I'm still in shock at the amount of Halloween decorations you have. I feel like there has to be a hidden room in your house just filled to the top with those things, haha! I do believe I shall have to make a trip over to that Etsy shop and check some things out. My bank account will hate you later, just a heads up in advance :)

  5. Awww, LOOK at how cute you looked on Friday :-) Just beautiful.

    Okay, so wait. You were DRUNK and did Halloween makeup on Josh?? I bet that was hilarious. Can I come to your party!!!???

    And you are one sweet friend-- LOVE those boots and of course I love the tshirt ;-) Glad she liked it!!

  6. Love those wedges & bracelets! Hot mama on date night :)

  7. cute wedges!! tj maxx has some of the best stuff. and i really love that pink elephant t-shirt

  8. Great gifts! I wish it was my birthday hehe

    Aw always good to have date night, you looked great :)

  9. These are so cute! I really liked these.

  10. i LOVE those tj maxx boots! good for her for having self control...i definitely don't when it comes to shopping. i am a bad stress shopper

  11. I love those wedges, I've been looking for some comfy one.

  12. Those boots are so cute! I will also have to check out that site for the bracelets they are so darn cute!


    followed your cute blog

  13. I totally forgot Revenge was on last night!!! Ugh! Oh and I wish I could shop like you again. I need a freaking job. Sounds like it was a fun weekend :)

  14. Love your outfit for date night!!

  15. your outfit for date night was adorable! :)

  16. Those bracelets are amazing! New to your blog and a fellow military wife. Look forward to reading more!

  17. I wish I could say you had me at The Jacksmith (I'm definitely going to be making this) Loving your blog!

  18. So glad to have found your blog (and Instagram!). I love your date night outfit!!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  19. Love your outfit, those wedges, and your bracelet! Giirrrrl, I like your style.

  20. I'm linking up too! : ) Um...LOVE those Derng bracelets--did you see them on Ellen's instagram by any chance??? LOVE (obsessed with) that girl. Your blog is so cute (for reals--not in the serial generic commenter kind of way). Following you now : )


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