Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've been Nominated

As you all know this blogging ish is new to me. However, in this short time, I have met a few great gals via blogging that I am entertaining relationships with on twitter and I read their blogs daily.
One of them is........
Kim over at K.O. Jewelry  She has nominated me to complete a questionnaire.  This questionnaire is appointed to bloggers whom have under 200 followers. I am one of those and I assure you that when I hit 100 followers, I have a fabulous giveaway for all my Wine-hos that will make you want to follow
me :)
In turn of me completing these questions, my goals are to be noticed by other bloggers, to be read by other bloggers and to ultimately be followed by other bloggers ;)
Kim makes jewelery, hence the name. Her stuff ranges from dressy to business and everyday casual. On Fridays she has discounts via Twitter. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to share that but check out her Etsy Shop. She also does custom pieces upon request! And the question(s) is/are?

 1) What would you do if you just had one day left to live?  
Keep it a secret. I'd also prefer not to know. I have anxiety.

      2)  Do you like to have a plan or just play it by ear? 
I would love to say plans. but I can't. I'm the most indecisive, last minute, change your minder ever! It's actually pretty annoying. I like to have a round about idea and then just fly with it. It's like dating, committed but not really. 

       3) Sweet, salty, savory, or sour? 
SALT. I love salty stuff. Not sweet and salty, not salty savory. just salt. I went on a macrobiotic diet about 8 years ago and withered away into a cornstalk. I had cut all salt out of my diet. Once I started adding it back in, I became super sensitive to the stuff. I swear my nose gets puffy, my wrists get swollen, I retain a shit load of water........but. it. is. so. good.
4)What's your favorite holiday?
 I would say my birthday. That might sound selfish but it's totally true. It's also not a holiday but it was to my mother and father ;)  I love that when on your birthday, you feel special. Even if people don't know it's your bday, you still feel like a big deal. It's my birthday bitches! PLUS I love prizes.
5)Best happy music?
I have two picks. One of my favorite types of music to wind down to and take a bath with is Big band. For some reason that music just strikes a chord with me. I love to cook with it too. 
On the other hand, Ice Cube "You can't do it put your back in to it", also makes me very happy.

        6)How would you define your style?
Ever changing. I have no reservations with what I choose to wear. If I like it I wear it. If you have it and I like it, I'll wear it. If nobody's wearing it, and I like it, I'll still wear it. I like heels and sexy stuff on the weekend nights, maybe even show some boob salad. And yoga pants and a waffle thermal on the weekend days.
 7)If you only could eat one food for a month, what would it be?
If this sentence ended in "and would not get fat" It would be Kraft macaroni and cheese
because it doesn't, I will say sushi.

        8)Books or movies?
Books. They hold your mind to it's own imagination and nothing can beat that.
9)You're going on a 7 hour drive. What do you do?
Worst road trip passenger ever. I either sleep or sing. Which at some points you will wish me to sleep. I have a man voice.
10)What was your favorite grade in school and why?
I would probably say 4th. I loved my 4th grade teacher. She always had us bringing home some class room critter. And she loved show and tell. She had this reward system using Paddington dollars and I thought Paddington bear was great. If you got enough Paddington dollars you could pick a prize.
Her husband was 6'4". She has us measure him with paper clips and on Fridays we would watch "Voyage of the MIMI".


  1. Omg! I had to watch voyage of the mimi too! LOL

  2. Hey Jess, do u and ur husband fight? Cause if u do I would love to see that, it might make me feel better about my relationship.....

    from: anonymous

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      All couples fight. I'm just not one of those people that whines and or complains about it. My blog is about stuff that I feel I need and want to write about. This post had nothing to do with my hubby. But if you need to feel better about your self/relationship. Read my deployment post.

  3. Ice cube!! love it. I'm not a good passenger either. I sleep. I can't stay awake for the life of me.

  4. Hmmm salty fries....if there isn't any I get grumpy. I'm like a small child sometimes I swear. I do believe we share similar tastes in food my friend which I adore. Just like you :)

  5. Love this!! (And this is the 3rd attempt at writing this darn comment! LOL ) My favorite happy music is Frank Sinatra, 80s music and blues. ;) I am totally crushing on Adam Levine and Maroon 5's "Moves like Jagger" right now (oh and Adam Levine...he's a tall glass of water). Want to have a dance party with me sometime??!! LOL xoxo

  6. I can't believe it's taken me this long to read this! What is wrong with me?! And don't of my favorite holidays is my birthday too. You just can't help but feel awesome. And unless I'm the one driving, you can find me passed out in the back seat for the entire drive. Dramamine works magic


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