Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh my Gourd

Now that we have dropped 32 degrees in one day, the season feels right. I always complain that it's soo god damn hot, or so humid and then BOOM, Old Man Winter comes in and punks me. I love fall and all the DIY projects. I don't know what it is, but between Halloween, glitter, leaves and gourds, I'm obsessed. Who says Gourds? 

This brings me to my first and only fall project so far. I got this fab idea from my girl Brie over at A Recipe For A Beautiful Life. She uploaded her wreath on instagram and I just had to get instructions from her. Not only did Brie have a great DIY idea but if she lived near me I would pay her to be my personal trainer. Dedication, commitment, results, and consistency is what this girl is all about. If you need some serious ass-kicking motivation, go visit her blog and get inspired!!!

Here are the materials that I used
Also a glue gun and some stain for the "C"
I'm a huge Yankee Candle lover! So obsessed that I bought 8 in the last 2 weeks and the girls now know me at the store. A bonus to this? As I was fondling these delicious smelling candles, while being slightly tipsy, I bounced one off of the floor (this is was at home, not in the store, I try not to buzz shop). I told the girls at YC and they said to bring it in and they would exchange it for me! Fellow Wine-Ho's I bet. 
I'm telling  you, there are actually calories that you consume when you smell this bad boy. It is so good that it just makes me want to eat all day. I don't even like cake, and this is yum.  *This might have been a suicide statement to my 24 followers lol. I don't like cake, or pie or sweets etc. I love chips. All chips except for chocolate ones.
Picked up these little guys at a local farm near us. Once again, to me, the small ones are much cuter than the big ones ! This does not apply to one thing in particular. 

On Sunday I made some delish Apple Cider Sangria
I am posting the recipe because this stuff is fall in a cup and slightly dangerous.

2 bottles of pinot grigio
6 cups of fresh apple cider
1 cup of Smirnoff sour apple vodka
2 gala apples cubed with peels
4 packets of splenda
and 1 cup of club soda (add this right before serving)

Add all these ingredients except for the club soda and let sit in the fridge for at  least 2 hours. The longer is sat in the fridge the better it was. Or we had just consumed to much that we just thought it was better. But no, seriously soak the apples in the sangria for a while before drinking it.

Just a few pics from Game Day 

The Orthopedist ordered this move! Hopefully it will help the hubs. I decided to break it out at our friends house. It was that stupid sangria's fault.
 Patriots won! 

And as the temperature drops in our house, we refuse to turn the heat on. The fire place is burning and I broke out this sexy frock today!!

Happy work week friends!!!


  1. Well first off I love your comment about only liking some things small hehehe. Secondly your dog is looking at you like what the hell is wrong with you lady?!

    Love your bloggies

  2. i am beyond excited to try out this cider sangeria, it looks like happiness in a glass to me, and you know how much I love my wine ;) Also, nice put about size with the pumpkins. Totally made me laugh out loud

  3. Those footed pjs are amazing! I'd love to try that cocktail but I don't do any sour apple liquors. Let's just say I had a very unforgettable run in with sour apple pucker. I need to go get that candle!!

  4. Found your blog through "California to Kansas" and am now following! I love your "redneckize" post!


  5. I'll eat sweets from time to time but I'm with you, give me chips ANY day over sweets! And that Sangria sounds delicious!!

  6. Oh, and the wreath looks great and I love Yankee Candles too... Macintosh is my fave, especially this time of year, but I need to branch out my tastes instead of sticking with the same old favorites!

  7. I love that wreath and your table.

  8. I am totally crushing on your farm table!! Love the color of it!! And footed pjs?? Um, yes please!! ;)
    And this past weekend it got down in the 40s at night...did we turn the heater on?? shoot no! We still have the a/c going at 67 degrees! lol we have some badass insulation or something! hahaha

  9. I want some footie pajamas so bad!!! But they're all too big for me (I'm 5'3 and apparently need child size ones lol )

  10. Just stumbled across your blog and got really excited because I made a wreath JUST LIKE THAT a few months ago! (Same exact letter and almost the same supplies!) It looks great! I loooove Yankee candles!


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