Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm a Bad Blogger, Bad, Bad Blogger

I'm such a bad blogger!! I know :) Well there are reasons for my MIA-ness.  I will not call them excuses as they are legitimate. The hubs was gone for his two weeks and I've been a painting machine.

 My goal was three bedrooms and the bathroom. I did complete 2 bedrooms and the bath AND organized every closet in my house!!!
PANTRY (overflow is down the hall)

All of the ceilings in the upstairs rooms, had the same ceilings as the walls, so I had double the work!!! Needless to say that my goal wasn't fully accomplished, I do have another REASON for that.

I should have know that every time Josh has Army for a lengthy amount of time he comes home early or likes to surprise me. IE. In 2009, he left in May for his deployment to Baghdad. He wasn't supposed to be home until 400 days later. I chose to not get involved in the FRG meetings that they had with his unit, as I was made aware that anything that you share there is not sacred ( and I didn't need any drama). Apparently every soldier gets to come home for two weeks while they are deployed. Boy was I surprised!

 I had started selling Tupperware when Josh mobilized. #1 My social life needed to change and this was a good deterrent and #2 I love the stuff!!! (my cabinets are overflowing and I never spent a dime). I had a party the night he came home. The party was at a older lady's house and her guests were extremely rude. They wouldn't let me do my presentation, and they yapped through anything that I had to say. I packed my things as soon as I closed the party and left, aggravated, and headed to my temporary home (I had moved in with my sister and her husband shortly after Josh deployed). I walked in to the house, dropping the 20lb awkward shaped bag of Tupperware and vented!!!!! In between breaths my bro in law asked me if I could fix the computer because he couldn't play poker (new to technology). I opened the closet where the modem was and there was my husband, standing there, in his uniform, smiling. Holy emotions!!!!! I hugged him for what felt like a minute, but soon realized that it was much longer when I was told that we could come out of the closet lol!  The fastest 2 weeks of my life ever!!!

Long story short (breath), I went out for a girls night on Friday to go see Magic Mike. I know we're perverts! But it was so worth it. Hubby called after the movie and as we were talking, I heard a dog bark in the background. DEAD GIVEAWAY!! So I told him that if he wasn't home, to put another soldier on the line. And so my husband does as asked, he talks to himself out loud and comes back on the phone with a different voice! LOL.  I came straight home with excitement and forgave myself for my projects not being completed immediately as he was 1 day early and that was going to be a busy day!!!

So that's the last 2 weeks re-hash and I'm sticking to it! I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July and a great weekend!!!!




  1. Awww such sweet coming home stories! I love that purple color in the bathroom!!

  2. Awesome story . Even more awesome.......... ALL that work !!!!!!!!


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