Sunday, June 17, 2012

One productive pea in a pod

 Every year my husband goes away for his two weeks of training for the Army. As usual, I am sad to see him go, even though it's only two weeks which is nothing for us in regards to time away from one another. His last deployment was 400 days long. It felt like it would never end. Fortunately, we got engaged 2 months prior to his mobilization and as any newly engaged woman, I dove into wedding plans. We got married 10/10/10 and we were blessed by beautiful weather, friends, family and unity.

This year I decided while he was gone, I am going to finish (or should I say start?) painting the second floor to our home. I made a promise to myself to finish it and I'm sticking to it. We have lived here for two years and the entire first floor is complete (minus one pair of pocket doors that needs to be painted). Our bedroom is on the first floor, so the second floor has been completely neglected, as we don't need to use it...........yet.

So to get myself motivated and psyched up for for this committed project, I had our new living room furniture delivered Friday!!

 New furniture means some new decorative accents as well. My retail therapy landed me with some new throw pillows, curtains, rods and an empty cart at TJ MAXX :(

I am very impatient in regards to waiting for a room to be completed. I am a Home Goods and TJ MAXX addict! I drop into TJ's atleast once a week! But when they don't have what I'm looking for or if I want something unique, I hit the drawing board and get creative!!!!

I found this little buy at Michaels Crafts, and I intend to turn it into a one of a kind  vintage crate!!!. Pictures to come as well as the DIY instructions!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend!!!




  1. I love everything your doing babe, it all looks great! I'm miss you as well and can't wait to get home to you and also to see the many wonderful improvements you have been working very hard on. As this is daddy day and we don't have a baby yet I hope maybe now that the upstairs is getting done that maybe by next year their could be baby in a nice room you created upstairs.. I love you and miss you and want to thank you for all you do..

  2. Thanks Babe aka Mr. Anonymous :)

  3. aw that's so sweet that he commented! Love your wedding date - how neat! And you look gorgeous!

  4. Omg, he comments. So freaking sweet! I love the exposed beams in your living room. Very home-y feeling. I have that same rug too. IKEA for mine.


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