Friday, July 29, 2016

40 Weeks Baby Casey #2

Yeah I know, I said that I was going to document my entire second pregnancy.  Well, clearly the myths about the second baby are true.  I don't have as many pictures of me pregnant. I didn't write in my "love mom" memoir book. And I'm sure the baby book is going to be just as much of a disaster lol!!!

We have been staying pretty busy and enjoying summer though! My last day of work was Wednesday and now we are just waiting for baby casey #2 to arrive. We are juggling some names around which is better than what we did last time. Poor C didn't have a name for three days and we had to go back to sign the birth certificate lol!!!!

I have been reading this book to her as often as I can. I'm not sure that she can fully comprehend what's going on but a friend of mine gave me this book and it sure is the cutest. 

I have legit guilt about having a second baby. Although every one of my friends that has two children or more has assured me that it will be ok, I currently still feel bad for Charlee. I'm sure this will pass as soon as the little guy is born!

I am sad that this will be the last time that I am going to be growing a baby. My husband actually brought this to my attention (ahem thanks babe) and every night since, I have literally thought about it with tears in my eyes. Bittersweet. 

I am actually shocked that I have been able to keep up with Charlee through out this pregnancy. Daily smoothies have definitely helped keep my energy going! Along with a supplement called "Multi Greens", that I haven't skipped a day of! 

She is currently obsessed with her Daddy, which is a beautiful thing. Not to mention, perfect timing for when the new baby comes and will make my routine a little easier! I didn't have a close relationship with my dad growing up, so watching them love one another holds a special place in my heart.  In the mornings before he wakes up and I'm not chopped liver yet, I get in my quality time ;) 

Ok so the oily stuff.....This stuff is amazing!!!

I have applied this morning and night since the day that I found out that I was pregnant! I've also applied it when my belly started growing and got itchy!!! It is seriously the easiest recipe and works like a charm! 

3/4 cup coconut oil

Don't believe me? Here ya go....(I got the ok to post this lol) 

The house is currently quiet due to a rainy day and a movie, so I'm going to go eat an entire pineapple, bounce on the ab ball, massage my ankles, and drink some red raspberry tea all while watching life time! Wish me luck! 

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