Monday, January 18, 2016

I am surprised that I even remember how to do this!!!!

Hey it's me! yes ME!!! 
Okay so I failed at balancing the mom life, work life, blog life thing. I was really good at the pregnant blogging, the diy blogging, and the recipe blogging, but it seems that when you throw a little cutie potootie in the mix and a new business slip up! 

It was the easiest for me to drop the blogging.
Now naturally some mom guilt is setting in because baby #1 has a great series of blog posts to read about her growing in my belly one day, well as baby #2....not so much. 
I'm going to work on that. 

So life has been pretty good. Today I switched out of plaid pajama pants into leggings only to switch back into the pajama pants a few hours later. I'm not convinced that either one of those is even considered legit pants. 

I woke up 432324 times last night to check out my girl. She had a fever yesterday and was just yucky so between my bladder and motherly instincts, I was a night owl.

I had bagel bites for lunch today. And yesterday. 

Baby #2 currently is the size of a plum. Baby #2 has brought me just as much hangover nausea as baby #1. This pregnancy has also made me quite annoyed with mouth noises.
My weight has been staying pretty consistent as it was with Charlee. My energy is slipping up due to the "No Naps Allowed With A Toddler" rule. She sure is great though, that toddler.

Josh finally has a surgery date! We are looking at the end of February. We will take any prayers that you have to offer! I will be taking week off to help him get up on his feet. 
We have decided on New England Baptist and we have found a surgeon that we really like. 
This is hopefully the answer to our problems.

House projects....instagram  followers already know that I flooded the upstairs bathtub and ruined the kitchen ceiling. Whoops! This minor inconvenience has allowed me to get an over the sink light that I have been waiting for, finally installed! It is also allowing for an even bigger DIY project to take place.  I will be starting a pin board for new nursery ideas soon so keep your eyes peeled because you know that it will come with unique style.

Now that I am on the computer more often due to my growing essential oil business I am going to try to squeeze in some blogging about....well everything I guess. 

As of right now though, I am going to stuff my face with soft tacos and watch Pitch Perfect. 

"Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that's what matters."—Fat Amy


  1. lol to the last quote woman! my kinda lady. loving the update and excited we're on the pregnancy journey together! let's pray we can get a nap in at some point before baby #2 arrives!

  2. Hey!!!! Welcome back :) Hate to hear that about nausea. Charlee is still cute as ever!

  3. How did I miss that baby #2 is on the way??? Congratulations!!! I love your home- it's so unique and beautiful, I just love your pictures of it!

  4. Gotta love when an Ooops turns into a DIY project. Congrats again on Baby #2. Charlee is adorable so the next one will be too. Congrats on Josh finally having a surgery date, and hope he heals up quickly.

  5. Yay! I've missed your blogging! Congrats on #2. And Charlee sure is a cutie!!!


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