Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Every year we have our annual Halloween bash. 
For Josh, Halloween is like what Christmas is for everyone else. 
We have hosted a party for the last four years and we love it! We play a game called Left, Center, Right. We drink some seasonal boozie concoction that I put together and we party in costume.
This year I knew that we would have to involve the babe for sure.  Mom is usually our baby sitter and she was going to be at the party so I had to come up with some clever idea to get Charlotte involved but yet portable at the same time.
I decided on "Charlotte's Web"! Play on words, HA! I made a spider out of styrofoam balls from Michael"s, covered it in some felt and then attached it to a belt. Once I got Charlotte in the SOLLY Baby Wrap, I belted the spider on. Obviously we couldn't wear this all night but she was a pretty good sport for a few hours!
Josh's costume (as usual) topped everyone's. I swear he thinks about what he's going to be for the following year on November 1st. This costume by far is my favorite.
He was ZOLTAR from the movie Big.

He actually stayed in that box until everyone got there. He freaked people out big time lol! He bought everything except for the hat from the Dollar Store and the Salvation Army.
Here are some of the other costumes.....
Punky and Henry
BLT (my sis) and Scarecrow(my mom)
Cupcake and Scarecrow
Sheldon Cooper and Amy from Big Bang
The Pope and a pregnant NuN
The Board Game "CLUE"
First, second and third place prizes.
Apple Pie Moonshine
Pumpkin Pie Kahlua, K cups and a B&B candle
Pinot Grigio, Caramel Apple Vodka and Apple Cider
This year's poison was Apple Pie Sangria.
It consisted of a jug and a half of apple cider
two big bottles of Barefoot Pinot Grigio
 1bottle of Smirnoff Caramel Vodka
cut up apples and pears. You can find the "weaker" version here.

Tonight we are going out for some fun adult Halloween Festivities!
Happy Halloween and Be Safe!



  1. You guys are so creative! Your idea was absolutely PERFECT and I just died when you posted Josh's on IG... so, SO great!!

  2. I'm so jealous. Alex HATES Halloween and wants to do NOTHING. That should have been a deal breaker... haha! You guys look awesome! Have fun tonight!

  3. Holy amazing! What a clever costume for you and Charlie! And Josh looks spot on! Looks like it was an awesome party!

  4. This is amazing! I wish I was this creative!

  5. I love love love your costume idea! And I've actually played Left Right Center before and love it. Such an easy and fun game for a group!

  6. The spider is so cute! Josh's costume is AWESOME! I love Halloween. Such great costumes and prizes!

  7. Both of your costumes are so awesome. You guys don't mess around. I'm impressed!

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