Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesdays Suck

Last night I got into bed at 9:30 after going to put gas in my car and get pumpkin k cups (I do all of this at night, this way I can sleep later in the am). I was contemplating reading Gone Girl, but knew that if I got into it that I would be up all night. So I nosed around The Guiltless Pantry blog for some healthy recipes and proceeded to get in a dumb argument with my husband over a house project that we are no where near starting and how my elliptical is taking up space and collecting dust. You see our arguments tend to be all over the place. We have done counseling and have the tools to fight fair however it always turns in to tit for tat. 

So now I'm aggravated and can't sleep. It is 11. I get up to go eat ice cream. I hear Charlotte wake up. She's my dream baby that sleeps from 8-5:45. So I feed her and It is now 12 and I get her back down.

For the next 2 hours I lay awake listening to my husband who is tossing in turning because he is in so much pain. He takes two percocets and I persuade him to take a shot of vodka to help it along. He is still tossing and turning. We have a squeaky bed that I'm considering throwing in the fire pit!  It is now 2 am. 

I get up to my scheduled pumping session at 2:30 and sit bare ass on those Scat Mats on my living room couches. And btw they are doing a great job electrifying keeping the dogs off of the furniture but I'm pretty sure I've got grill marks on my derrière. 

It's 3 am and I go back to bed. 4:45 Charlee wakes up to eat. I put her to bed next to me and feed her. She then proceeds to fidley fuck around until 7. Between grunting and tooting and arms flailing, I think I slept 20 minutes. 

So I am up for the day! An hour earlier than normal. It's a work day. A 10-7 work day. Bless my heart and the patients that I will be using sharp tools on today. 

So I'm making my pumpkin coffee, realizing that Squawky Suzy (now in the swing) isn't going back to sleep. 

I come back into the bedroom to start getting ready and apparently I didn't get the memo that it's lights out. Josh is out cold upstairs with the windows open due to drug sweats. It is 51 is that bedroom. Both dogs are no longer dancing at my feet to go out and my baby girl is now in a deep slumber! 

Tuesday is my Monday and Tuesday is no friend of mine! 

PS right before I posted this, I was trying to get my older dog Puppa to go outside. He keeled over, yelped and then pissed all over the floor and himself. 

PPS He is fine now and I honestly think he has 100 lives. 


  1. Sounds like a tried and true Monday! Good luck today!

  2. Good lord..drink alot of that coffee today! You need it!

  3. eeek! We all have days like this, hang in there friend. Sidenote, how did you get the babe to sleep that long? Did you start her out that way or did she do it on her own? Fill me in!

  4. Ugh, HATE those nights. I am totally coming back in my next life as a Husband/Dad so that I can totally sleep through EVERYTHING! Hope last night was just a fluke and she goes back to being your diesel sleeper!

  5. Ugh...hang in there dear. I hate the days where everything just goes wrong. My dogs look at me like I am crazy trying to send them out in the cold. It seems we will be busting out the dog coats much sooner this year!


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