Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Currently Loving and a 29 Week Bumpdate (not 30)

How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: Girl

Weight gain: 12 lbs

Maternity clothes: When I leave the house, yes. Mostly, I'm wearing leggings and the hubs t shirts at home. My shower is this Sunday and let me tell you, I have been struggling to find a dress. I ordered 3 dresses and returned 3 dresses. The fashion area needs to do a better job a designing maternity clothes for sassy women. "Blimp" is not a style.

Stretch marks: No. I've been using Nivea through  my entire pregnancy.

Belly button in or out: flat.

Sleep: Not too bad. Baby girl is up from 9-11 doing karate  in there, so after 11pm I can finally get comfortable.

Best moment this week: Central AC is installed!!! My baby shower. AND the nursery is almost done!!!

Miss anything: Being able to fly around at work. My nights are extremely busy in the office and around 5pm ...I'm done.

Movement: Jackie Chan style.

Cravings: Not much. I haven't had a craving pregnancy. Other than for cocktails.

Queasy or sick: Neither, just exhaustion.
Looking forward to: Obviously my baby shower!!!!

I found a welcome home outfit from baby gap this weekend. They were having a 40% off the store sale, so needless to say, I purchased other things too.
We are also struggling with a name. Since our last name is a first name, choosing a name is much more difficult.
It also doesn't help that my  husband likes stripper names aka Nadia and Cheyenne.

This fisherman table lamp came in from Pottery Barn last week and I am in love with it.
 I also went to Sephora this weekend for a new foundation. My skin has been getting so dry because of this lengthy winter and I think that it probably has to do with hormones as well. 
I just started using a new beauty line that I will be reviewing soon. It is seriously the most skin changing regiment that I have ever used.
Upon picking up Nars Glow foundation, I stumbled upon $200 worth of these goodies.
The NARissist is THE BEST! It has laguna bronzer, blush in Orgasm and a highlighter.


  1. Seriously... you say you found a going home outfit and you didn't post a pic?! That's just cruel!

    Haha, stripper names - my friend is writing a book and she asked what I wanted my character to be named in the book - I told her I always wanted to be named Brandy so to use that. She refused, said it's a stripper name! ;)

    Can't wait to read your make-up review... I need something new :/

  2. Omg the lamp!! You look amazing!

  3. You look amazing!

    That lamp is perfection.

  4. You are too adorable girly! Can't wait for more good nursery finds..that lamp is so cute!

  5. You look so good!! Love that lamp something fierce.

  6. You look wonderful! I am so jealous of your only 12 lbs., you little cutie. I really laughed aloud when I read "my husband likes stripper names" hahaha. What is wrong with boys?! :P

  7. ahhhh. You are probably the prettiest pregnant person ever.

    and that lamp? I am so in love!

  8. You seriously get prettier and prettier every week! Pregnancy looks great on you, lady! And we're struggling with names, too. It's not THAT bad if the baby is born without one, right?! ;-)

  9. Have you checked out Pink Blush maternity? They have some cute clothes!

  10. You look amazing!!! Names are the HARDEST. Sometimes I wish the mom just had the power to pick and didn't have to ask for permission :))

  11. you are the cutest!!! I love love love the naked 3 pallette!


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