Monday, June 3, 2013

That time I planted a garden and ran over my dog

Helloooooooooo blog world!
 I have been a busy bee now that summer is on it's way and I have honestly been way to occupied to be blogging! I'm trying to sneak in this update today!

I know I still owe you a vacation update, and a DIY project that is in my basement completed AND I have 3 amazing recipes to link up too! BOOOOOO ME!

Friday was such a gorgeous day out, that the hubs and I got to go to the beach.

I realized that I needed to make a last minute run to Target for 2 new beach chairs and a cooler. Oh and a packy run to pick up some delicious sweet tea vodka! 

 Friday night I made a plan, a real one this time (I'm notorious for changing my mind a 100x, I'm the most indecisive and sporadic person you will ever know). 

I decided to plant a garden before it was too late in the seaon.
We live near a sand pit/pond so our sand resources were limitless!

I went to Home Depot with my mom and picked out all of my veggies! 

summer squash
7 tomato plants
green beans
romaine lettuce
green/red/orange/yellow/jalapeno/red cherry peppers
Sunday I had loam delivered and planted the sucker!

With my mom's and my brother in law's help and tips this garden should grow like a weed! They both have amazing green thumbs and always have successful gardens. I however have a black thumb, but I will try everything once! 

In between spreading sand and planting veggies, I also tackled some landscaping projects with my sisters. I swear she could work for HGTV with her skills! About 80% of my beds are planted and edged, I just need a mulch delivery (hint hint).

This next paragraph is the most traumatic part of my weekend.
I was in and out of the house all weekend long, constantly running out to get things that I needed for the garden. Both of our dogs were outside as usual. My little dog Puppa hates when I leave and is always hanging around the car. He's so short that I pay careful attention when I'm leaving not to run him over. He also usually backs up and moves when I start moving or Josh calls him up on the deck.
My little dog's age has finally hit me.
I know that he is deaf, or at least can now only hear a high pitched whistle. And his eyes are clouded over causing poor visibility.
I however, did not know that he may becoming senile as well.   
As I was pulling around the driveway to head to Lowe's with my mom, I felt a thump...proceeded by a noise that a seal makes when they are clapping there flippers (fins? idk) You get my drift.
I immediately slammed on the break and got out of the car.  There was my little Puppa, walking with a limp and shaking his head. 
I was so upset that I yelled at him (I'm going to be a horrible mother.)
By the time he reached the deck he was walking fine and his head stopped shaking. 
He did have a black football patch of grease under his eye and a little on his forehead.
I must have hit him on the side of my tire.
I can't even describe how I felt. He's going to be 14 this year and all I keep thinking is "I almost killed my dog!". I'm always on Josh to watch him when he's outside because he is a wanderer and there I go getting all Fast and Furious on him!
Long story short, he is ok. THANK GOD!
 Not on my watch.
      Ya'll have a fabulous Monday at work. I'm off to go bake a red velvet poke cake! BOOM.

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. One...omg I am glad the puppy is ok! Two.I saw the garden on instragram I think and I showed my husband as we have got to get something done to our yard. I love it!

  2. Awww poor guy! I'm always terrified because our dog just loves to be near you...and jump at moving cars. So glad that he's OK! Try not to beat yourself up too much!

  3. So glad your dog is ok!! So sad!!

    The garden looks awesome. I hope your veggies grow well.

  4. Serioulsy, If I ran over my dog I would literally be taken to the psych ward, I would be flippen craaaazy! I am so glad the pooch (and you!) are okay!

    p.s. your garden? fabulous! If it was mine, everything would have been dead by now:)

  5. you bad doggy mama you! Jist kidding, he's fine! He probs has no idea it was even you!;) so proud of your garden, can't wait to see the yummies you'll get out of it! LYF!

  6. I wonder if I'm the only one who read this and got excited when you used the word "packy." :)

    Your garden looks fab, SO glad the dog is ok, and can't wait for your upcoming posts!

  7. So glad he is ok! Such a scary experience. Just give him extra loving! Hope that garden produces lots of veggies.

  8. i always love following you on instagram since you are always doing something! and so glad he is ok!!

  9. Oh my word I almost started crying when I was reading this. I'm such an animal lover (and older dog owner)..breaks my heart! I'm so happy he is okay!

  10. I am soo glad your dog is okay. I know that had to have been so traumatic for you and him both!!!

  11. OMG so glad your little baby is ok!!

  12. Love your garden!
    I'm so glad your dog is okay

  13. So happy your dog is alright, I'm currently looking for a puppy of my own :)

    New follower on here, loving the blog!

    I'm having a Zoya & Sephora Giveaway, would love for you to enter!



  14. My mom did the same thing to our 16 year old chihuahua last week. He can't hear or see her backing up and she didnt know he was outside. He went limp and we rushed him inside and gave him a dog anti-inflammator. He is fine now but it was scary.

  15. OMG! This is my worst nightmare. I'm glad the pup is fine.

  16. Aww, that's so sad. Thank goodness that little pupper is okay!


  17. OMG, poor Puppa! Glad to hear he's ok. I would have freaked out too. Good luck with your garden! I don't have a green thumb for that, just house plants.

  18. I'm glad your pup wasn't hurt too badly! I would have cried hysterically if I did that. I'm a big baby though haha


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