Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, thank you for blessing us with your presence.

Dear dog, I am happy to see that my electric throw blanket that I received as a Christmas present, has now become a necessity in your life,
(perhaps this is because I shaved all of your hair off in March, and it's currently 27 degrees and snowing). My bad.

 Dear weekend, I'm am looking forward to some good ol' fashion mother and sister bonding time tonight and also Josh's Army reunion on Saturday. Check.

Dear bank acount, YOUR GROWING! Thanks to #nospendmarch. Although this little gem will be ordered 4/1/13 at 12 am ET.

Dear Spring, Where the eff are you! Even my mother is cursing you!
 7 inches this morning!

Dear indecisive biological clock, what in the hell?

  But, that's today.

Dear new blog link up, Exposed.
I'm excited. 



  1. Your dog is so cute! And those heating blankets are the best! I love mine!


    7 inches this morning. I die.


  3. i think i need that dress too.
    haha your bio clock- it's opposite of mine.

  4. that ecard is hilarious! I've never seen that one before! OMG look at that precious pup in that blankey - how sweet! have a great weekend girl!

  5. My biological clock is ALL OVER THE PLACE right now, so I totally feel you on that.

  6. Oy vey. I hear ya on the drink, the Spring, and the Biological clock. Maybe, if we have warm weather, and a drink in hand, we could figure out this whole biological clock mess without this whole snow business ruining our moods. Problem solved! HA!

  7. Your dog and the heating blanket? So precious!
    If I wasn't pregnant I'd be copying you and getting that dress.. love it!

  8. Poor puppy! And my bio clock is confused as f*** too

  9. Your dog is so cute! Whenever I pull out my throw, my puppy comes running over. I can barely spread it out before she finds a place to settle down for a nap. Have a great weekend!

  10. Sooo maybe you should just move to the south... it never snows here, ha!


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