Monday, February 11, 2013

Winner and Wifesicle

Happy Monday ladies! It was finally nice to wake up to a house warmer than 40 degrees! If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram you know that we have just had a hell of a weekend up here! Winter storm Nemo brought us 2 feet of snow!
  We lost power on Friday night around 9pm, and it didn't turn back on until yesteday afternoon. This sums up how I felt when it turned back on!

AND because I had 3 long days to do diddly squat, I decided to let you in on the pros and cons of a blizzard.

1. I'm sure there will be a baby boom from this storm.
2. No water to take showers, which means no need to blow dry my hair.
3. Your elliptical doesn't work without power = Guilt free about not working out.
4. Becoming a pro at solitaire (yah I'm pretty badass)

   That's about it. Here's the big list.

1. You freeze, literally....wifesicle
2. Too much quiet time with your hubs will ultimately lead to some type of dumb argument. Which ends in googling the answers on your phone, to prove who's right.
3. Alcohol consumption (oh wait is this a con?)
4. Charging your iphone in the car. God knows we can't live with out that shit. 
5.  You starve. 
6. Finishing up the last book that I downloaded and realizing that you should have never downloaded the book. Fifty shades disappointed.
 7. Peeing in the tub because you have no water to flush your toilet. Don't judge me.
  9. Constantly refilling your fire place, when your wood is stored outside, yourself! because your hubs back is crap!

And the worst of all is that because our good ol' govenor put a driving ban out, all of our local restaraunts and bars were closed. If you were born a New Englander, you know that NOTHING can keep you inside during a snow storm. We're all crazy. We know how to drive in the shit and it's really no big deal. So we drove 30 minutes and 3 towns over to get some food finally! 
I swear to you, my stomach was eating itself.

      In other news super exciting news, our DIY headboard made it on The Browse. And Katie at My Keep Calm and Carry On 
featured it on her "Wow Moments"! Thanks so much girls!

The Browse
And because I can finally link back into social media, I will be catching up on all ya'll blogs this morning, while drinking too much coffee and staying snuggled up sitting by the fire (while your at work.)

Now that I'm done rambling, it's winner announcment time...............

Erin at She's a Big Star  

has won my T-shirt Giveaway! 
Your welcome from one wine-ho to another!!!



  1. Damnit I'm pissed I didn't win that shirt! :( Glad you survived the storm - living without power is awful!

  2. hahaha you are so right, there will be many children born since there is nothing else to do but it. and that headboard is amazing!!

  3. Wait just a hot minute, a baby boom is a good thing?
    I'm glad you're still alive! Wifesicle made me have the giggles.

  4. Can you believe there was that driving ban?? My mother in law's friend got a $500 ticket so it was legit!! I'm so sorry you lost your power....I'm feeling guilty now that mine stayed on:( And to make u feel better...I didn't dry my hair all weekend anyway!

  5. 2 feet of snow??! Now that is just crazy!?!? I love your comment about the baby boom ....hilarious. Are the fur babies loving the snow??

    And ohemmmgeee that headboard?!?! Impressive!!

  6. i am not surprised others are featuring your headboard. that shit is amazING. You and the hubs should write a book about how to live in a snow blizzard and look good doing it.... write it! :) lyf

  7. I was fifty shades disapointed, too!! Did you read all of them or just the first one? I'm glad you're alive. Congrats on being featured, totally worthy!!!!

  8. Also, I am pouting because I didn't win!!! Congrats, Erin :)

  9. geez! glad your power came back on - at least you had a fireplace. We got about a foot of ice and i kept falling on it. xx

  10. Ahh that head board is amaaazing!!
    I hate that you were a snowed in little wifesicle! But I'm glad you finally have power and real food now!

  11. The only con I see is no coffee. Suring Sandy I fell in love with my super old pre WW1 building. Super old gas oven means that the pilot still works without power. Same with the flushing. Although I couldnt shower since I had no hot water. Glad you made it out to eat!

  12. oooh con for sure is having no coffee that would be hard and while i wouldn't take a shower because i couldn't blowdry my hair but i would at least like to take a shower so i don't feel dirty. and this is a clear sign that i dont' live in a place that has snowstorms i didn't know they name snowstorms

  13. So glad your power came back on. Good thing you have a fireplace. I got just under 3 feet but luckily didn't lose power. Let's just say some nips of liquor and the movie Bridesmaids kept me entertained. :) Were the fur babies just as wimpy about going outside as mine was?! I had to dig him a little path.

  14. Thank the Lawd for a fireplace!!!!! Glad you didn't turn into a true "wifesicle" :)

  15. That sucks that you lost power! Glad you have it back though! I'm so glad we didn't lose it since my husband was out plowing the entire time. Me+cold+no power/water/heat = not pretty!

  16. Congrats on being featured - that headboard is amazing. I love the comment about being guilt-free for not working out :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  17. love your pros and cons...especially the part about the baby boom and you peeing in the tub. ahahahahaha! but seriously, thank God you could charge your phone in your car. cause without that, the world would in. And I'm not even playing. :)

  18. Geez, sounds like a freezing cold weekend for y'all! Glad your power finally came back!!

  19. I can't believe you we're w/o power for so long. Your house got so cold. I would cry! I hate snow. Hope that was it!! And love both of your lists!

  20. That is such a long time to be without power! I love your blog, it's absolutely great! I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. (I had to google this) haha I'm a new follower and will be stopping by often.

  21. I couldn't comment yesterday because I was reading from my phone but thank you SO much - can't wait to get my shirt! Also, your headboard? I hope you pinned that shit on Pinterest because that will go viral... it's amaaaazing!!

  22. I can't believe you got stuck in Nemo!! Thank goodness for fire places when there is no power...I think I would totally be okay with no technology for a few days, but waking up to a cold house does not sound fun. I love your pros and cons list, though ;)

  23. I absolutely love Jim Carey!


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