Monday, January 7, 2013

Brag About It Mondays LInk up

Happy Monday friends. While your sitting at your desk, drinking your expensive coffee and getting paid to read blogs work, I'm still in Pj's.

It was nice to have a weekend that was hangover free AKA no headaches.

I have eaten clean for 6 straight days now. Minus the umpteen glasses of wine that I have had, but wine is good for the heart. 

I worked out 4 times last week!!! AND I even worked out on Sunday. Don't kid yourself. I'm not a die-hard but the Pats didn't play so this was easy.

What was the awesome project that consumed all of my time on Saturday?
This little guy, from the dump!

 Fugly, I know. But after a few hours worth the work.

 My new hobby is taking old shit and refinishing it. The bonus? You also find surprises in other peoples shit. Like the 200 Q-tips that I found just hanging out in the bottom of this bad boy. Now I have a little history on the piece. Was shitter table and is now entry way table. FO FREE.

So link up betches and Brag About it! 

Join me, Jen at That's What She Read , and Mallory at From California To Kansas for our Monday link up! 

 We all know there's something you've done this week that is worth bragging about! Don't be afraid, we'll be just as happy for you! :) 

Our only rules:
Please  follow the hosts, Jen, Jess, and Mallory and please interact with 1 or more of the bloggers that link up! 
Not a blogger?
Not a problem! Comment on any of the hosts posts with your Brag so we can share for you!

From California To Kansas


  1. Hahaha that was my husband on Saturday night!

  2. Nice job on the table! I need to start going to antique stores and what not. I love DIY stuff, I just don't find enough time. Graycie is looking adorable as always!

  3. You are so crafty and handy and all of that good stuff... all of the things that I am SO not! Table looks great! My dad used to work for the town and I totally remember getting stuff at the recycling center that people had dropped off. One mans trash is another mans treasure, apparently. Wicked classy, my family was!

  4. The table turned out so nice! I wish we had a lot of places to go to peruse junk! I've been wanting to get into upcycling furniture etc and never find anything good! Oh & congrats on the clean eating/working out!!!!

  5. nice job! and nice kicks :)

  6. That is awesome! I really want to start upcycling for our house.

  7. good job on working out....not. jk that is great. I wish i could say the same. COME ON new year's resolutions.

  8. Good for you on working out and eating clean consecutively, you have inspired me to do the same!!


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