Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another #spdl !

I loved it so much last week, that I'm linking up with Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On and Steph at a Beautiful Mess for their
Saw it, Pinned it and Did it! AGAIN!

I love vintage stuff! I mean all of it. And the more of if that I find, the more of it that I want. This is right up the hubs alley considering he likes older stuff too however he gets vintage and redneck mixed up right quick. I like his input on some stuff, and other stuff well............... just clashes.

This is a mural that is in our BASEMENT.
A few weeks ago the hubs came home with a surprise for me. I had a rough day at work and when I got home he turned on the back deck light and it illuminated these glorious wooden boxes, and then I heard a heavenly choir but in a Barry White kind of pitch (I'm baratone). He had made friends with a fellow redneck hoarder neighbor up the street and saw that he had a ton of these crates in the back of his house. The man was desperate to get rid of them and loaded up the his truck and brought them by!  These crates are from Ocean Spray and Makepeace. Makepeace has been selling cranberries to Ocean Spray forever! One of the crates that he scored was stamped 1948.
As soon as he showed them to me, I knew what I was going to do with them. I was previously pinspired.....
The first pic is from Pinterest!

This pin displays apple crates but whatevs. Also, our crates are aged a little more than these guys too!

This is our version! 

 I absolutely love these! They fit perfect in our home and are functional, not just decorative.



  1. o my gosh, I love it! at first I couldn't tell which one was the pinterest find, yours deserves to be on there too! pretty soon people are going to use YOURs for THEIR pinspiration! I LOVE IT! that's a lot of caps. I'm jelly :)

  2. Wow, I love how vintage this is!!! So cute!

  3. I was lost there, like, ok Jess, where's YOURS and then I recognized the floors! That LOOKS AWESOME!!!
    It's like a pro photo! I'm sending that to Pinterest

  4. It looks fantastic!! You should win an award for being awesome. That mural in your basement is cracking me up!

  5. Good job! I love all your little trinkets inside the crates! :)

  6. I think i need to do this. for sure.
    New follower :)

  7. oh wow!! they are gorgeous! and you decorated them so nicely. wow your man did good.

    new follower, btw.

  8. SCORE! Freakin' awesome! Mad props to your hubby.

  9. Love the crates and what you did with them. No comment on the deer mural! :)

  10. That looks amazing!!! I think you need to be an Interior Stylist on the side! Happy Friday!!!


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