Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloweenie and Giveaway winner!

First off Happy Halloween friends!!!
Our Halloween Party was a success, other than one small guest having numerous accidents on my hickory floors. Small distraction but dealt with.
Here are some pics from the party, all the way from prepping to some of my
favorite costumes.
booze station

This is the altered Jacksmith punch. Instead of using Jack Daniels, I used apple vodka. Mucho better.

self explanatory

1st,2nd,3rd prize for best costume

that's just half of the counter space that had food on it!

I also made a crock pot macaroni and cheese for the first time. OMG. Click here. I tweaked it some. I added salt, pepper and mustard powder. I also added cheddar cheese at the end! Do Not over cook this. You will get a rubber globby mess.

 And the costumes....
Gangnam Style

me and my pregnant hubs.

The hubs won first place. Even more exciting for me considering there were 3 bottles of Gnarly Head wine in the basket! Woot.

Speaking of wine, my giveaway ended last night and we have a winner.
Abbie over at Life According To Abbie has won the Wine-HO giveaway!!!

Don't be jealous betches

I have another great winey giveaway happening soon. And

Happy Birthday to my little guy Puppa, he turned 13 yesterday!!!
Happy hump day!!!


  1. I am going to "betcha slap" you for being so cute with your halloween party decor! So cool! Happy Haloweenie!!

  2. I am literally laughing out loud at that last quote! Happy Halloween!!

  3. Happy Halloween, Jess!! :) Love the pics and Congrats to Abbie on the win!! :) xoxo

  4. Wished I lived closer cause that party looked pretty fantabulous!!!

  5. aw snap! I'll have to stay tuned for the next wine-ho gift! ;-)


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